Ingrown Hair and Razor Bump Skin Care for Face, Neck, Bikini Area, Legs and Underarm Area – After Shave Serum for Men and Women

Blessure Serum Ingrown Hair and Razor Bumps Treatment

Ingrown Hair happens after hair has been shaved below the skin surface, as the hairs continue to grow, they curl over within the follicles and fail to exit to the surface. The result is an painful ingrown hair or razor bump on the skin.

Regular application of Cricket Serum® aka Blessure Serum will reduce appearance of existing ingrown hairs NOTE; Do not tweeze ingrown hairs or razor bumps. Tweezing tears the hair papilla in the skin from which the hair grows, damages the skin and can cause scarring! There is no other product that will reduce appearance of ingrown hairs like Blessure Serum Skincare.

Men and women suffer from ingrown hairs. Men get ingrown hairs on their beard, neck and scalp areas. Women get them after hair removal from shaving, waxing, electrolysis or laser on their legs, bikini lines, and underarms. 

Made with Manuka Honey to clear ingrown hair, razor bumps and redness from shaving

Ingredients in Blessure Serum keeps the skin hydrated, moisturized and reduces age spots and hyperpigmentation, restore elasticity, improve skin tone.

razor bump treatment ingrown hair treatment
  • Ingrown Hair Solution: Blessure Serum post shaving and waxing reduces ingrown hair, razor bump also known as pfb.
  • Women and Men: Use Blessure Serum to reduce bumps on legs, underarms, bikini lines, chin, neck or face.
  • Hair Removal: Shave routine with razor blades or at home waxing kit or electrolysis and laser are all “surgical” procedures. Apply thin coat of Blessure Serum after hair removal to reduce redness and bumps.
  • Blessure Serum can also performs micro-peel and will make your skin glow as well as reduce appearance of wrinkles.
  • Cruelty Free: No Animal Testing, supports non-profits named The Feeding America Network and Allstate Foundation Purple Purse.
Shaman Crafted Blessure Serum Cricket Serum Razor Bump acne Treatment

Blessure Serum Works To Also Clear Acne

Great for acne and sensitive skin

acne treatment
  • Clears breakouts where they start (Deep in pores) and prevents new acne from forming. Works to treat maskne caused by wearing face masks or facial coverings
  • Blessure Serum works differently than other Acne treatments by normalizing skin cell turnover and effectively targets clogged pores and inflammation
  • Blessure Serum has superior tolerability compared to other prescription retinoid products not containing Blessure Serum; It is suitable for use as part of your morning or evening regimen
  • Water based formula, oil free, alcohol free, fragrance free, non comedogenic; Helps reduce the risk of scarring and Hyperpigmentation by treating Acne
  • In a clinical study, Blessure Serum provided up to 87 percent reduction in acne lesions after 12 weeks

Our Manuka Honey skincare serum is a natural emollient and locks in the moisture in your skin.

It also promotes cell regeneration!

razor bump treatment

Why Does Blessure Serum use MANUKA HONEY in it’s skincare serum?


Protects against damage caused by bacteria. Manuka Honey antibacterial qualities can prevent pores infections.


Assists the body in surface-level healing. Effective in healing cuts, scrapes and skin conditions.


Helps your body repair tissue damaged by infection. It’s antibacterial nature makes it effective in soothing acne prone skin.


Nourishes the skin with a powerful medley of vitamins & minerals. It’s antioxidant properties soften skin and restore a youthful complexion.

Clear and Prevent ingrown hair and dark spots from Shaving

Razor bumps Ingrown hair treatment Blessure Serum

Razor Bumps. Pseudofolliculitis barbae occur on the faces, necks and scalps of men as well as a small number of women. 50-80% of African-American men and 15-20% of Caucasian men live with this problem.

Beard hairs curl as they grow and eventually burrow into skin adjacent to the hair follicle. Shaving sharpens the hair ends making it easier for them to penetrate into the skin. Razor bumps itch, burn, and make shaving impossible.

Until now, only depilatories which burn and scar, and cortisone type creams that reduce inflammation have helped. When applied regularly, Blessure Serum effectively reduces appearance of painful razor bumps.

Razor Burn. Applying Blessure Serum will reduce redness that appears after shaving, as well as waxing, electrolysis and laser hair removal. This is great for women after all hair removal procedures on legs, bikini lines and underarms. Works well for men who see redness after shaving their necks and faces.

Electrolysis/waxing. Using Blessure Serum regularly to areas that treated with electrolysis will reduce ingrown hair formation.

When applied after waxing, Blessure Serum reduces redness so the skin is often clear before you leave the salon!

Applied after electrolysis, it will improves appearance of redness so the skin looks clear when you leave the salon.

Blessure Serum restores freshly shaved skin, specifically formulated for intimate areas ingrown hair and razor bumps.

MOISTURING+ formula incorporates the most effective organic plant extracts to calm ingrown hair and hydrate the skin.

Effectively eliminates and prevents discomforts often associated with intimate shaving such as chafing, razor burn, razor bump, irritation, and redness.

Use it for post wax moisturizer. Unlike oil alternative, Blessure Serum is never oily or greasy.

After wax, spray Blessure Serum to stop and clear razor bumps, ingrown hair and redness. Guaranteed to calm and rehydrate your skin!

Feel all-day confidence with up to 24-hour freshness

Swamp Crotch AKA Smelly Balls

Blessure Serum also works as a powerful Vaginal and Male Swamp Crotch AKA Smelly Balls Odor Blocker.

It’s no secret that balls and vag’s are prone to odor, sweat & irritation, which is why we have your sack and vag with Blessure Serum. It is a pH balanced, on-the-go refreshing spray serum, that is formulated to help neutralize odor and skin irritation on your vag and or balls.

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