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24 Oct 2019
Razor Bump Treatment
The average man takes between 200-300 strokes to finish their shave. However, for some men, as little as 30 strokes is enough to towel off and head out, while for others, it can take a marathon 700 strokes to raze every last follicle. Likewise, some men apply a featherweight touch to their face when shaving, while others press down hard.
17 Oct 2019
Razor burn is a skin irritation where the skin has a reaction to shaving. This can be because of the razor you’re using, the way you’re shaving, or if you don’t have enough shaving cream. There can be many reasons. Ingrown hairs are caused by a skin irritation under the skin. When a hair is cut, it can grow the wrong way and get trapped under the skin, thus causing an ingrown hair.
21 Dec 2018
razor bumps treatment
Blessure Sérum™️ was formulated to manage razor bumps and razor burn. Clinically proven to heal razor bumps due to it's high amount of protein, Omega 3-chain fatty acids, vitamin C, Zinc, and B vitamins, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. Our serum is also effective for clearing skin and dark spots from shaving. Blessure Serum shamanic skin care is all natural, alcohol-free and is the world's #1 razor bumps treatment solution for men and women.