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07 Nov 2021
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Faces of Meth showcased the tragic toll meth addiction can take on a person's skin, using Blessure Serum can help to start the healing of the skin. Due to the high amount of zinc, vitamin D and vitamin A and vitamin K, Blesssure Serum is also an effective natural solution for Meth Skin Sores, bruises, acne, strawberry legs, dark spots and skin itch; making Blessure Serum a multi use skincare product.
12 Feb 2021
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Doctors often report that habitual meth users appear 10 to 15 years older than their actual age. While less discernible, crystal meth users will likely notice other changes to their skin
22 Nov 2019
Meth Sores Treatment
The methamphetamine crisis is effecting many people from all walks of life and Gov. Kristi Noem says is "meth use is growing at an alarming rate. "The tagline for the campaign: "Meth. We're on it." It's made South Dakota the butt of many jokes, but Noem says the subject is no laughing matter.
23 Feb 2019
Meth Sores Treatment
The good news is that Blessure Sérum™ helps heal meth sores and stops the feeling of “Ice Bugs” due to it’s ingredients. Our sérum is formulated with tea tree oil and manuka honey. It is also rich in protein, arginine, vitamin K and Omega 3 fatty acids which clinical studies have shown to heal wounds. Where can you or family members go for information on treatment options? Trying to locate appropriate treatment for a loved one, especially finding a program tailored to an individual's particular needs, can be a difficult process. However, there are some resources to help with this process. For example, NIDA’s handbook Seeking Drug Abuse Treatment: Know What to Ask offers guidance in finding the right treatment program. Numerous online resources can help locate a local program or provide other information, including:
30 Aug 2018
Meth Sores skin care serum
Blessure Sérum helps the healing process of meth sores due to it's high concentration of protein. Protein aids the body in repairing damaged tissues. Deficiency in protein has been shown to contribute to poor healing rates. When your body doesn’t get enough of this essential element, it has a difficult time forming collagen.