Strawberry Legs Can Start To Clear As Fast As 48 Hours

13 Nov 2019
strawberry legs

Strawberry legs occur when small black spots develop on the legs. These spots resemble strawberry seeds.

 Blessure Serum Skin Care Keratosis Pilaris Solution – Clear Dark Spots and Red Bumps on Thighs, Legs and Arms For Confident Clear Skin

Made with clinically proven glycolic and tea tree oil, this body wash is a simple addition to your skin care routine to treat problem skin. Carefully formulated with a unique mix of exfoliating acids and surfactant blend, this serum provides a deep cleanse without dryness, perfect for treating skin conditions that occur deep in pores and hair follicles like KP & Body Acne. Just use daily to start your journey to beautiful skin. This All-In-One body serum targets:

  • Keratosis Pilaris
  • Dull Skin
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Uneven Skin Tone
  • Uneven Texture
  • Body Acne

Why pH Is Important

Keratosis Pilaris and Body Acne are formed deep in your skin. Luckily, with the right pH, exfoliating acids can penetrate your skin effectively to reduce those pesky bumps. Acids need to be in their “free acid” form to work and a pH of 3.5 makes our skincare serum strong enough to deliver results while not being too low to cause irritation.

  • Glycolic acid exfoliates away rough bumps for smooth and radiant skin.
  • Unlike lactic acid, glycolic acid, or other AHAs…Salicylic acid’s unique oil solubility allows for deep exfoliation into hair follicles and pores to reduce redness, inflammation, & acne for an even tone skin.
  • These exfoliating acids also increases cell turnover and collagen deposition which reduces body acne and dry skin.

What this means for you: Expect to see smoother skin within 2 weeks. With consistent usage you’ll see an improvement in skin tone and redness.

Reduce Dryness, Redness, & Irritation

Dry skin can make KP and Body Acne worse, that’s why we’ve included these moisturizing ingredients to protect your skin:

  • Hyaluronic Acid,
  • Aloe Vera,
  • Gotu Kola,
  • & Vitamin E

Hyaluronic acid helps the skin reduce moisture loss, inflammation, and formation of age spots. Aloe Vera acts as a soothing anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant. Gotu Kola contains asiatic acid with anti-inflammatory and collagen stimulating properties. Finally, vitamin E contains powerful antioxidant properties that help protect your skin.

strawberry legs
Treatment for strawberry legs. Before and after photos.

Strawberry legs can cause a person embarrassment, but they are not usually itchy or painful. If a person does experience pain or itching, they should see a doctor, as it may indicate the presence of an underlying condition.

Typical symptoms of strawberry legs include:

  • open pores that appear darkened
  • black or brown spots that appear after a person shaves their legs
  • a dotted or pitted appearance on the legs

Strawberry legs are typically caused by three factors: keratosis pilaris, inflamed hair follicles (aka the aforementioned folliculitis) or ingrown hairs. All of them appear as small bumps on the skin. It’s important to narrow down which of these causes is the culprit in order to troubleshoot the issue.

In the case of keratosis pilaris, keratin (a protein that exists in the skin, hair and nails) gets trapped and causes a plug to form over your follicular openings resulting in a bumpy surface. Translation: When keratin builds up, it can clog your hair follicles.

If you’re prone to getting those pesky little bumps on your upper arms, you are already familiar with KP and the treatment for it.

Folliculitis occurs when your pores get clogged with oil, bacteria, dead skin cells and other debris that we all come into contact with on a regular basis. Once your pores get clogged, it results in inflamed hair follicles, which usually show up as tiny reddish bumps or small white-heads that resemble acne.

And last but not least, there’s our lovely friend, the ingrown hair, which is a common occurrence for many people and is caused by a hair that curls into itself and starts to grow back underneath the surface of your skin instead of above it. They are commonly found in areas where you shave or wax like your legs, armpits, face and pubic area

OK, now that we know the main causes of strawberry legs, let’s get to the part you might have already scrolled down to…

How can you treat strawberry legs?

In general, if you’re prone to getting bumps, I would recommend using Blessure Serum Skincare or a topical treatment. Ingredients in Blessure Serum Skincare helps slough off dead cells that sit on the surface of your skin, so they don’t build up and increase the likelihood of clogging your pores.

Equally important is to keep the area well moisturized. Hydrated skin will be more pliable, less likely to get inflamed, and your hair will grow out more easily (as opposed to getting trapped underneath the surface). So DRINK A LOT OF WATER!

And whatever you do, please do not pick at your bumps—especially with sharp tools (put down the tweezers, y’all). You don’t want to compromise your skin and get an infection.

Bottom line: When dealing with strawberry legs (or any other skin condition), you have to be patient and allow enough time for Blessure Serum to do it’s job. If things don’t improve within 3 days to 7 days, see your dermatologist. 

How can you prevent getting strawberry legs in the first place?

To prevent folliculitis, which is usually caused by sweat, oil or bacteria, keep a cleansing wipe on hand at all times. Toss one in your bag and use it to clean your skin whenever you get particularly sweaty (i.e., after a workout or muggy commute). When you get home, use a gentle body wash that contains salicylic acid to reduce any inflammation and keep your pores clear.

To ward off future bumps and ingrown hairs, the most important thing you can do is to make sure that you are using a clean, sharp razor at all times. Ideally, you should be switching your blade out as soon as you notice any signs of dulling (a rusted blade or experiencing any friction or tugging when shaving are red flags). Also, despite the convenience of having your razor at arm’s length in the shower, the constant proximity to heat and moisture can dull your blade faster, so you’re better off keeping it inside your medicine cabinet—or preferably as far away from the shower as possible. 

Blessure Serum Skincare advises that you shave with the grain of the hair or the direction in which it grows using short, deliberate strokes. If you shave in too many different directions, you will increase the chances of getting razor burn or ingrown hairs because of the angle the hair was shaved off.

Final advice: Exfoliate regularly (as outlined above) and keep your skin well-moisturized. Bye-bye, berries.


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