Shaving Traditions That Women Follow Around the World

12 Mar 2020
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Shaving is part of life for some people. There has been much debate over the years on removal of pubic hair. Grooming habits of women -around the world are well-known. And certainly, a lot of things that are appearance-related are media-driven.

According to some reports, the trimming and removal of pubic hair seems to have begun in the US with the invention of the bikini fad in the 1960s. In 1971, Playboy magazine had the first pictorial spread with glimpses of pubic hair.

Around the world, people have different views about removal of pubic hair. Let’s see what some common traditions around the world are when it comes to shaving their hair down under.


In a country like Japan, women prefer to shave only their legs and underarms. They usually leave their bikini area untouched. Facial hair removal by either shaving or waxing is more common among Japanese women.


Unlike in Japan, most women shave their legs, underarms and bikini region. It is popular to be smooth and hair-free. Women who refrain from shaving in Germany are considered as a ‘alternative’. Waxing as a hair removal method is not common but laser hair removal is. It is because it is most effective, efficient and permanent way of removing unwanted hair.

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Okay, firstly ‘Brazilian’ wax was not invented in Brazil, it is American. The most popular grooming style among women in Brazil is to leave a ‘landing strip’ of hair and how much hair you want waxed off determines on the price. In Brazil if you do choose to go ‘Brazilian’, along with your pubic hair they generally wax your inner thighs too.


China has different notions of beauty and differs vastly than the Americans or other westernised countries. According to Chinese traditions armpit or leg hair was just part of your body and nothing to be ashamed about. Body hair is considered completely natural and acceptable in their culture.


Most Australian women prefer laser hair removal and waxing treatments. Apart from removing their bikini region, they also remove their leg, underarm and facial hair as well. Australians are so into hair-free and smooth skin that many who don’t remove their hair are considered as ‘free-spirited’, feminists and environmental protesters.


Most upper-class Indian women completely remove their leg, underarm and pubic hair. Depilatories are common to use in India as a hair removal method. Laser hair removal is also becoming an increasingly popular method as more and more Indian woman especially upper-class are opting for it. Popular areas for laser hair removal are cheeks, chin, upper lips and underarms.

United States

The first Brazilian wax was giving in 1987 by a salon in Manhattan. The bare-down-there preference took off in 2000 when Sex and the City featured Brazilians in an episode and suddenly everybody wanted one.

Although it does boil down to having personal preference whether you want to shave your hair down there or not, some women believe that is hygienic to remove your pubic hair. While others don’t really think that hygiene is an issue and it is natural and there is a reason why we have pubic hair. Some women shave because their spouses prefer that and while some men prefer a full bush. The only thing women should take care of is that they choose a safe method to remove their pubic hair. If you are shaving, make sure you don’t cut yourself and if waxing you might end up burning your skin as the bikini area is highly sensitive.

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