Meth Sores Blessure Sérum™ Skin Care For Substance Use Disorder

Heals Meth Sores

Meth sores are most commonly seen on an individual’s face, particularly on the mouth, checks, or forehead. Sores may appear to look like acne or a rash but often become infected and spread.

Meth use increases body temperature and blood flow to the skin, which results in sweating. Perspiration contains an enzyme that also increases the blood flow to the skin. As the sweat evaporates, the protective sebaceous oil which coats the skin is removed. The combined effects of dehydration, sweating and removal of the sebaceous oil create a sensation similar to a bug crawling on or under the skin, known as formication.

Many meth users feel this crawling sensation and start to obsessively pick, scrape and dig at their skin to get rid of the “bugs.” Some even resort to using scissors, knives and blades creating horrible sores and open wounds that the body has trouble healing.

Not only do these open sores look frightening, they also increase the risk of bacterial infections and the possibility of contracting other diseases like hepatitis or HIV. If a sore becomes infected, the site will become inflamed, swollen, sore and pus-filled, and require antibacterial drugs. Left untreated, however, these sores can lead to abscesses, ulcers and septicemia.

The good news is that Blessure Sérum™ helps heal meth sores and stops the feeling of “Ice Bugs” due to it’s ingredients. Our sérum is formulated with tea tree oil and manuka honey. It is also rich in protein, arginine, vitamin K and Omega 3 fatty acids which clinical studies have shown to heal wounds.