Psoriasis triggers. How to stop flare ups

31 Dec 2018
Blessure Serum is very effective at healing psoriasis flare ups

For most people with psoriasis, symptoms come and go over time. This skin issue effects many people around the world. Even the world’s most famous and beautiful people such as Kim Kardashian has struggled with psoriasis at some point in their lives. Many factors can trigger psoriasis flares, including weather and stress. Using Blessure Serum and these 8 tips will help you mange psoriasis flare ups.

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1) Stress
Stress can cause a person to have an outbreak of psoriasis for the first time. It can also provoke a flare up.

2) Medication
Doctors have linked certain medications to psoriasis flares, including: antimalarial drugs, such as Plaquenil or chloroquine
Inderal, which people take for high blood pressure
indomethacin, a drug prescribed for arthritis
lithium, which people take for psychiatric disorders
quinidine, a heart medication.

3) Infection
Infections affect the immune system, and what causes psoriasis is closely linked to the immune system.
Common examples of infections that can cause a flare include:strep throat respiratory infections bronchitis tonsillitis ear infections.

4) Injury
Psoriasis is more likely to affect skin that a person has injured. Such injuries could include: cuts, bruises, scratches, bug bites, a vaccination or sunburn.

5) Smoking
Smoking is harmful to a person’s overall health, and tobacco can cause a flare.

6) Alcohol
Drinking alcohol can interfere with some medications, such as methotrexate. Also consuming too much alcohol could make symptoms worse and may prevent a flare from receding.

7) Diet
The foods that people eat may influence their flare up symptoms. According to the National Psoriasis Foundation, studies suggest that some people with psoriasis notice improvements after cutting out alcohol, gluten, and nightshade vegetables, including tomatoes, potatoes, and eggplant. People in the study also found that adding vegetables and vitamin D improved their symptoms, and some maintained that following a vegetarian, vegan, or Mediterranean diet could help.

8) Weather
Some people find that certain types of weather or changes in temperature can trigger their psoriasis. Some suspect that their flares may link to a drop in humidity and temperature. Protecting skin from cold or dry weather, and using a humidifier in the home, may help to reduce flares.
Warm weather and sun exposure can also cause flares in some people.

Blessure Serum is very effective at healing flare ups due to its high amounts of Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin D and essential branched-chain amino acids which promotes healing of the skin. This groundbreaking serum also has high amounts of  Arginine and Omega 3 fatty acids which is formulated with manuka honey, camel milk, aloe vera, tamanu oil, jojoba oil, rose water, and many other natural bio diverse extracts.

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