CBD Oil Benefits For Your Skin

25 Mar 2019

What is CBD Oil? Blessure Serum™ Tested Higher.

Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, is one of over 100 compounds found in cannabis plants. The reason it’s legal is that it doesn’t get you high, you need the compound THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) for that, and CBD is mainly found in the hemp plant which contains very little, if any THC. ‘Its most popular benefit is pain relief, as It’s thought CBD interacts with receptors in the brain and immune system to reduce inflammation. It’s so good at reducing inflammation, it was reported many A-listers were even using CBD oil on their feet at the Oscars to make their high heels bearable on the red carpet.

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CBD Oil Benefits For Your Skin

It’s an exciting find for those with skin concerns, but CBD is also an antioxidant, and an antioxidant should be a stable in all our daily skincare routines – no matter what your skin type. They help combat the elements that are responsible for the visible signs of ageing. ‘CBD acts as a powerful anti-oxidant helping to protect skin from damage from the sun, smoke, environmental pollutants and free radicals. Looks like you have competition vitamin C!

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CBD Oil or Hemp Seed Oil?

Sure, they both come from the same plant, but they’re significantly different beyond that: “The biggest issue is that hemp seed oil and CBD are two totally different compounds that come from different parts of the hemp plant, have different makeups, and different benefits. CBD acts as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory, which reduces pain and inflammation. It’s been used for centuries to successfully provide pain relief to muscle aches, arthritis, joint pain, neuropathic conditions, headaches, and to aid skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, even sunburn, and bug bites when used topically.

The cannabinoid itself is a potent, highly anti-inflammatory antioxidant. “It’s been shown in multiple studies to reduce lipid product from the sebaceous glands—and the overproduction of this sebum is what leads to acne. Now let’s look at Hemp seed oil.

Hemp seed oil, on the other hand, is relative to many other carrier oils—along the lines of sunflower seed oil and jojoba oil—in that it’s a cold-pressed extract from seeds. “Hemp seed oil, sometimes referred to as cannabis sativa seed oil, is perfectly good seed oil that’s high in antioxidants, omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, but contains no CBD. Hemp seed or cannabis sativa seed oil has been available in health food stores for decades and abundantly present in smoothies and skin care.

So this means it has absolutely no cannabinoids in it—not CBD, THC, or CBN. It’s generally viewed as a superfood and is great for adding nutritional value to your diet. In terms of skin care, it’s known as a powerful moisturizer and skin softener that doesn’t clog pores or contribute to oily skin—it has a comedogenic rating of zero. It shows up on the product label as hemp seed oil, cannabis sativa (hemp) seed oil, virgin hemp oil, and hemp oil.

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