Does tea tree oil help with acne? Yes, Cricket Serum is made with Tea Tree

29 Dec 2018
Tea Tree Oil Cricket Serum

For millions of people living with skin conditions across the world, adult acne can plague sufferers well into their thirties and beyond, taking a physical and emotional toll that goes way beyond skin-deep blemish. Thanks to the development of Cricket Serum people across the world will find relief from adult acne within as little as eight weeks.

Cricket Serum is based on the core principles of Shamanic Herbal Extracts which, works to remove toxicity from the skin and heals due to it’s high amount of protein, arginine, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins. In fact Cricket Serum is made up of 80% protein. Protein is the building block of life and is a very important part of skin health. By utilizing the healing properties inherent in herbal extracts, Cricket Serum works to remedy acne troubles by reducing blood stagnation, swelling, inflammation and build-up of toxicity to promote healthier skin, and that radiant glow we see on by A list Hollywood actors. Pure tamanu oil from Polynesia, pure jojoba, aloe vera, kola nut from West Africa, and camel milk are some of the many ingredients used to formulate Cricket Serum. Our serum also uses organic Tea Tree Oil. Our findings show that tea tree oil is just as effective as some of the commonly used dermatological cures for acne. According to Blessure Serum research, tea-tree oil is rich in terpinene-4-ol, which makes it significantly more effective in treating acne than commercial options like benzoyl peroxide. Terpinene-4-ol causes antimicrobial activity, and this destroys the skin-based bacteria responsible for acne.

Clinical test show individuals that use Cricket Serum should notice a reduction in their acne within the first couple of weeks, with clearer skin appearing the longer the course of usage continues. Cricket Serum is truly groundbreaking and is bring value to so many people around the world.

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