Shamanic Professional Skin Care

Leveraging the best of
science and nature
Concentrated active ingredients
Utilizing innovative
technology and cutting edge
research, our formulas are designed
with potent
concentrations of active ingredients
to clinically transform the skin
all natural professional
groundbreaking skin care
3/3 To meet a broad range of skin health
needs, Blessure Sérum formulated revolutionary
Cricket Sérum.
Our Sérum is idea for 8 areas of focus:
acne, eczema, psoriasis, pseudofolliculitis barbae (razor bumps)
atopic dermatitis, skin aging, sunburn relief and herpes sores.
Our skin is so important because it’s our body’s first layer of protect and shapes
people’s perception of who we are, and influences our view of ourselves
and our sense of overall health.
Our sérum helps
protect, nourish, enhance and restore skin health. Blessure Sérum holistic
view of skin health, science-based solutions for
both healthy and compromised skin, is essential to our mission.